We chose Campus Montréal …

Because we believe that our knowledge and skills can lead to a better and more prosperous society.

Because we believe that Campus Montréal will give faculty and students the opportunity to shape the future.

Because we believe in an open campus, a place where experts in different disciplines, encompassing a wide variety of languages and cultures, will work together to find solutions to problems here and elsewhere.

Because we believe that it’s time to showcase our flagship projects and to develop new models in every discipline and in tandem with the next generation of talented people.

Because we believe in the cutting edge ideas emerging from the business community we helped to educate.

Because we believe that Campus Montréal projects and ideas should act as agents of change at home and abroad.

Because we believe that Campus Montréal will give our institutions the means to recruit top students, faculty and researchers working in the five areas of excellence that we want to focus on in the coming years.

Because we believe that, by joining forces to secure solid funding for our best and brightest, not just Montreal but the whole of Quebec and Canada will share in their success.

Because we believe in Campus Montréal!

The Campus Montréal team (November 2012)