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Young entrepreneurs supported by the National Bank | HEC Montréal Accelerator attend summit

August 31, 2016, 2:32pm

The National Bank | HEC Montréal Accelerator helps entrepreneurs go further. On August 31, four such individuals had the chance to join a trade mission to China, followed by the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Summit held September 9 to 11.

The Accelerator was created in 2013 as part of the Institute for Entrepreneurship National Bank | HEC Montréal, itself established through a charitable donation of $10 million by National Bank. The Institute’s mission is to guide and support entrepreneurs and to accelerate innovative business projects by students and graduates of the three Campus Montréal institutions (HEC Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal and Université de Montréal).

With its focus on knowledge sharing, the National Bank | HEC Montréal Accelerator provides access to experts and managers who are also often professors at these university institutions, as well as to a pool of graduate entrepreneurs. This unique ecosystem, which brings together students, professors and entrepreneurs, offers a more people-oriented vision than most other accelerators. In fact, it has already enabled a number of entrepreneurs to distinguish themselves and reach new heights – both literally and figuratively.

Quebecers at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Summit

Harold Dumur, founder of OVA; Sarah Seddiki, founder of Orisha Infusions; Émilie Nollet, co-founder of ÉAU; and Mélanie Heyberger, co-founder of Rachel’s Box are the four graduates of the National Bank | HEC Montréal Accelerator who joined the Canadians attending the 7th G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Summit.

This year, more than 800 young people from around the world took part in the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Summit. For the graduates of the National Bank | HEC Montréal Accelerator who were among the Canadian delegation of 37 young entrepreneurs under the age of 40 (including 18 Quebecers), the opportunity was unlike any other. China is a priority market, and the summit offered them the chance to forge new relationships that may lead to business partnerships or contracts.

Four innovative businesses

The four start-ups created via the Accelerator do business in very different domains, but all share a knack for creativity and innovation and have the ability to produce forward-thinking projects with global appeal.

OVA offers StellarX, a simulation software platform that allows organizations to create, manage and share all content formats in collaborative immersive environments, whether in virtual or augmented reality.

Orisha offers a unique variety of refreshing and healthy teas from around the world, as well as tea accessories.

ÉAU Montréal is seeking to become a pillar of aquaponics in the agri-food sector. Aquaponics is the most efficient food production system in the world. Its closed circuit production combines the advantages of fish farming and hydroponics, unimpeded by weather and environmental constraints.

Rachel’s Box sends a personalized box of high quality tights directly to its customers’ mailboxes each month.

A true reflection of the slogan for Campus Montréal’s major campaign, “Talents with a Global Reach,” these entrepreneurs, who benefited from the National Bank | HEC Montréal Accelerator, have now joined a global network. They are exporting their know-how, learning from others, and sharing knowledge to reach new heights.

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