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The springtime of our future at the Outremont Site

May 21, 2015, 9:43am

When it’s autumn for some, it’s spring for others. So it goes with our planet and its inhabitants. It’s also a cycle that guides us in planning the paths and actions of today that will have an important impact on tomorrow.

As I’ve noted in the past, I take great pride in returning to the “springtime” of my professional career: education. Driven by social engagement and citizen action, I deeply believe in sharing knowledge to support the evolution of our society as a whole. An educated population is able to stay informed, take charge of its development and prepare for the future with self-assurance, openness and energy. Now in the “autumn” of my professional life, I have the privilege of contributing to one of the finest and most important social projects in Quebec – the development of the Outremont Site and the science and engineering complex of Université de Montréal and Polytechnique Montréal.

Located in the geographical heart of Montreal, the Outremont Site will put down deep roots in its environment. Developed within a dynamic vision of education and research, it is first and foremost an academic project. Today, in an increasingly global world where knowledge is the key to a changing economy, the role played by our universities is more vital than ever. Knowledge is widely shared and enriches everyone it touches. Within this perspective, support for the building of a world-class science and engineering complex constitutes a contribution to a social project as promising as they come.

The science and engineering complex of UdeM and École Polytechnique will welcome students, researchers, business people, artists and visitors to an environment where the emphasis is on learning, sharing ideas and creation. The children fascinated by the construction of the Outremont Site today represent the springtime of our future and will one day play a leading role in this major social project. These budding scientists are curious, have a thirst for knowledge, find joy in experimenting, developing and creating, and are headed towards the future at breakneck speed. By contributing to the building of the science and engineering complex through your support for Campus Montréal, we’re ensuring that nothing will stand in their way.

For more information on this landmark social project, please click on this video link.

Science and engineering complex of Université de Montréal and Polytechnique Montréal

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