Vincent Larivière

The new ads for Campus Montréal's major fundraising campaign feature researchers and members of our academic community who were asked “What would your world cup aspirations be?” In other words, what do they hope to accomplish in their research or academic career? Meet the talented individuals who answered the question here.

Vincent Larivière
Assistant Professor, School of Library and Information Sciences, Université de Montréal

Access to scholarly knowledge

The process by which researchers create and share new knowledge is constantly evolving. While part of the evolution is driven by the internal dynamics of the science, another part is shaped by external factors, such as the creation of new tools. Digital technology – which requires minimal space and is easier to access, update, reuse and transmit – is one such tool that has changed the way in which scholarly knowledge is created and shared. My research work is focused on these changes, which include increased cooperation and the use of new media platforms to share the scientific and scholarly literature. More specifically, my work demonstrates the significance of these new forms of communication, as well as the many channels now being utilised to share the knowledge. Ultimately, I hope to more accurately identify the types of work organization and delivery methods that will improve access to and speed up the sharing of knowledge, both within the scientific community and among the general public. Achieving this objective will also influence the development of public policies regarding scientific and technological research support programs.

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