Erick Delage

The new ads for Campus Montréal's major fundraising campaign feature researchers and members of our academic community who were asked “What would your world cup aspirations be?” In other words, what do they hope to accomplish in their research or academic career? Meet the talented individuals who answered the question here.

Erick Delage
Associate Professor, Department of Decision Sciences, HEC Montréal

“To thrive in today’s world, companies and corporations must learn to deal with an increasingly complex and ever-changing environment. The most crucial decisions in economical and environmental policy, management, and finances are often based on limited knowledge of future consequences. While the latest technology allows us to collect, stockpile, and analyze a growing amount of relevant data upon which to base these decisions, unfortunately, we’re not always able to reap the maximum benefit from the data. For instance, we’re missing the tools to identify the actions and policies that will help us both reach our goals as efficiently as possible and reduce the risk of failure. This shortcoming is particularly evident when it comes to important issues, such as pension plan management, our overloaded health care system, urban development, climate change, and so on. With the help of my research group and an active scientific community, I am spurring the mathematical and algorithmic development of such decision-support tools in the hope that they will one day be an integral part of every responsible decisional process.”

Erick Delage is part of the Institute for Data Valorisation (IVADO) with more than 560 graduate students and 90 research professors from HEC Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal and Université de Montréal. IVADO is helping propel Montreal to a world leadership position in Big Data.

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