Bram Adams

The new ads for Campus Montréal's major fundraising campaign feature researchers and members of our academic community who were asked “What would your world cup aspirations be?” In other words, what do they hope to accomplish in their research or academic career? Meet the talented individuals who answered the question here.

Bram Adams
Assistant Professor and Director of MCIS (lab on Maintenance, Construction and Intelligence of Software), École Polytechnique de Montréal

“The ultimate goal of our research is to make full use of all development, communication, and operational data available in the software development process so that mobile, Web, and desktop application designers are fully in sync with their users. By keeping the DevOps concept in mind, software companies can prevent major bugs from occurring in their proprietary products and ensure the latest version is released on schedule. DevOps meets the exact needs and desires of the clients. Result: the collaborative process helps the developer teams work better and more creatively, and the software product delivers the quality and capabilities the clients seek. Any few remaining bugs the users catch can be reported directly to the developers, who will fix them at the earliest opportunity; a patch file will be automatically sent to all other users. If a client experiences slowdown issues, the developers will know exactly how to configure the software specifically for that platform to ensure optimal computer performance. Our aspiration is to have developers and users feel as though they are working in the same building and are, to all intents and purposes, equal partners!”

Bram Adams is part of the Institute for Data Valorisation (IVADO) with more than 560 graduate students and 90 research professors from HEC Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal and Université de Montréal. IVADO is helping propel Montreal to a world leadership position in Big Data.

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