Benoît Dupont

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Benoît Dupont
Director of the International Centre for Comparative Criminology, Université de Montréal
Canada Research Chair in Security, Identity and Technology

The key institutions that contribute to the safety of modern society – such as the police and the courts – are a direct consequence of the industrial revolution, whereas the risks individuals and organizations are increasingly exposed to are a result of innovative technological configurations produced by the digital revolution. In light of this, my ultimate research goal is to help us better understand the key characteristics both of the emerging digital risks and the individuals who create and use them (because we’re not talking exclusively about technical problems, far from it) and to foster the necessary institutional innovations to counter them, without having to sacrifice the democratic values inherited from the Age of Reason, such as freedom of speech or the right to privacy. We could certainly look at some solutions implemented to manage other similarly complex risks faced by humanity, such as those associated with the Anthropocene (the Age of Modern Man); however, new combinations involving technologies, institutions, and social norms must also be developed. To this end, I feel it’s important to work towards consolidating scientific knowledge that will be needed to help complete this process.

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