Campus Montréal asked researchers and members of its academic community to answer the question: “What would your world cup aspirations be?” In other words, what do they hope to accomplish in their research or academic career? You can read their answers below:

Yoshua Bengio

“My goal is to understand the mathematics and computational mechanics that allow intelligence to bloom. I’m convinced this can be done through learning by example. This type of learning not only allows us to better understand the intelligence of humans and animals, but also to build more intelligent machines able to decode their surroundings, make decisions based on this information, and better serve us as a result. AI’s progress will no... READ

Andrea Lodi

“The mathematical component of decision making has always been at the core of my research. I’m interested in combining data science, machine learning and operational research to facilitate how we make decisions. This new approach radically transforms our way of approaching Big Data and optimizes the decision-making process. And decision making is at the heart of intelligent behaviour which, in turn, characterizes AI. It is the new... READ

Nadia Lahrichi

“The goal of our research on optimization within the health care system, using mathematical models, is to guarantee access quality care within a reasonable timeframe. The three key components studied are: 1) the patient, whose goal is not to wait; 2) the staff, whose availability and expertise must be managed; and 3) the physical resources, such as medical or diagnostic equipment.

Aligning these three components is a complex problem that... READ

Erick Delage

“To thrive in today’s world, companies and corporations must learn to deal with an increasingly complex and ever-changing environment. The most crucial decisions in economical and environmental policy, management, and finances are often based on limited knowledge of future consequences. While the latest technology allows us to collect, stockpile, and analyze a growing amount of relevant data upon which to base these decisions, unfortunately,... READ

Bram Adams

“The ultimate goal of our research is to make full use of all development, communication, and operational data available in the software development process so that mobile, Web, and desktop application designers are fully in sync with their users. By keeping the DevOps concept in mind, software companies can prevent major bugs from occurring in their proprietary products and ensure the latest version is released on schedule. DevOps meets the... READ

Samuel Bassetto

“When we buy a product, we want to make sure it is not defective or damaged; when we make use of a service, we want to ensure it is adequate for our needs. We assess quality on a daily basis. It is, along with mass production, instrumental in shaping our society as we know it today. In terms of the products and services we consume, quality excellence is met through perfectly adapted and controlled processes that are continually improved.