Carabins Excellence in Sports Program

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Support the next generation of leaders

Why support the Carabins?

By giving to the Carabins Excellence in Sport Program, you help student-athletes meet their academic and athletic objectives. From the classroom to the court, playing field or swimming pool, the Carabins excel—and that’s exactly what the program is known for. Thanks to this two-pronged approach to success, Carabins student-athletes are outstanding role models for our youth, our university and our society. By giving to the project, you support the next generation, train tomorrow’s leaders and ensure that the legacy of the Carabins will last for years to come. Your generosity has a tremendous impact on helping these talented athletes reach their objectives.

Project Benefits :

  • Promote the creation of inspiring role models for our youth
  • Contribute to a better future for teens, the university community and Quebec society
  • Generate opportunities to connect the university community with the rest of society
  • Develop leadership qualities among university athletes, including discipline, concentration, perseverance, strength of character and team spirit
  • Create a dynamic and competent generation of outstanding young leaders

Project description

The mission of the Carabins Excellence in Sports Program is to support university athletes studying at HEC Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal and the University de Montréal and help them attain their personal and athletic objectives. We focus on balancing sport goals with academic success.

The two main objectives of the Carabins:

  1. Ensure the campus ranks among Canada’s top five universities for athletic results.
  2. Set the benchmark in Canada for offering exceptional academic support to elite university athletes.

Developing a dynamic and competent generation of outstanding young leaders

This program plays an essential role in developing a dynamic and competent generation of outstanding young leaders prepared to serve businesses, organizations and society as a whole. Carabins athletes are trained to rise to any challenge and go above and beyond the call of duty—all while maintaining their academic standing. As a result, they become highly sought-after candidates for fast-paced organizations in rapidly evolving fields.

Linking the Carabins and the community

The Carabins help foster a sense of belonging among students and alumni by generating a shared interest in university activities and participating in community issues.

Role models for thousands of young Quebeckers

These student athletes also act as role models for the thousands of youths across Quebec participating in amateur sport. Thanks to the Carabins, teens learn to associate high-level sport with a university education.

In all, the Carabins consist of 490 student athletes across 23 teams and 13 different sports. They practice badminton, cheerleading, football, golf, hockey, swimming, rugby, downhill skiing, soccer, tennis, volleyball, athletics and cross-country. Thanks to their hard work and success, the Carabins are among Montreal’s most popular teams, along with the Canadiens, the Alouettes and the Impact.

Nearly 100 years of history and 20 years since its revival

The program was first founded in the early 1920s, but it wasn’t until 1995 that it was revived by the Physical Education department. Twenty years later, more than 2,500 student-athletes have defended the Carabins’ colours. In all, the Carabins have cinched 102 provincial titles and 20 medals (including two gold) at Canadian Interuniversity Sport championships. Over the years, Carabins members have shown off their abilities around the world, from the Universiades to the Olympic Games.

Proceeds from this fundraising campaign will go to:

  • Expanding the current scholarship program to support more athletes
  • Broadening the number of sports involved and creating new teams
  • Increasing the calibre of the competition with other major Canadian universities
  • Implement a support program for student-athletes and doubling the number of tutoring hours offered to them
  • Reinforcing the medical follow-up program and provide new services including sport nutrition and mental preparation

Join us in our efforts and make a donation to this philanthropic project. With the Campus Montréal fundraising campaign, you get the chance to make an impact and contribute to a better future.