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Frequently Asked Question


What is Campus Montréal?



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When HEC Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal and Université de Montréal decided to join forces to mastermind another major fundraising campaign, they agreed to adopt a shared brand identity plan. Campus Montréal represents the strong alliance between these three institutions making up one modern, forward-looking university campus. This shared brand identity is used on all communications throughout the fundraising campaign.




What does the Campus Montréal brand identity represent?



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Having decided to join forces to mount another major fundraising campaign, HEC Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal and Université de Montréal agreed to design and share a new brand identity. The “M” monogram, a visual synthesis of “Montreal to the power of 3”, represents the strong alliance between the three modern and forward-looking institutions. This shared brand identity is used on all communications throughout the fundraising campaign.




When did the three universities last hold a joint fundraising campaign and how much did they raise?



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The last major fundraising campaign ran from 1999 to 2003 and raised $218 million, exceeding the target by $93 million. The accumulation of the leverage effect over time boosted the campaign’s overall impact to an estimated $446 million.




What is the current campaign’s target?



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The target is $500 million.




How will the funds raised be allocated?



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The funds raised will be invested in four key areas:

  • 35 % Research
  • 30 % Campus Montréal merit and recruitment scholarships
  • 25 % Infrastructure
  • 10 % Campus environment




What criteria were used to prioritize the flagship projects?



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The flagship projects are prioritized according to their value to society and the specific role the Campus Montréal institutions will play in their implementation.




Why bring a philanthropic focus into the campaign?



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Canadian universities rely heavily on public funding. Without philanthropic support, the universities would not have the leeway they need to pursue the advancement of knowledge. Endowment funds, some of which are particularly impressive, are an important part of every North American university’s operations. Fund earnings are utilized to promote cutting-edge research, meet the training requirements of top talent, and maintain a lead in those fields where there is strong competition from abroad.




Aside from raising $500 million, does Campus Montréal have other ambitious goals?



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Yes. It has four goals: 1.To spark a keen interest in coming to study or work at Campus Montréal. 2.To generate a growing and passionate enthusiasm for Campus Montréal’s philanthropic cause dedicated to higher education and research. 3.To demonstrate philanthropic leadership in the French-language community. 4.To unlock the synergy between Campus Montréal, its donors and partners to ensure the implementation of those initiatives that are most promising for our society.




What does the Campus Montréal campaign cost to run?



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The Campus Montréal fundraising campaign is managed by an executive director, who is assisted by a small team; they are able to draw on the available expertise at HEC Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal and Université de Montréal. As a result, the costs associated with operating this campaign are kept to a minimum. In addition, the co-chairs, along with the board members and honorary committee, are all volunteering their time and skills to run this campaign.




What are Campus Montréal’s flagship projects?



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Campus Montréal is supporting several important initiatives including:

  • Campus Montréal merit and recruitment scholarships
  • Centre for Excellence in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
  • Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials
  • Science and Engineering Complex at the Outremont site
  • Institute for Sustainable Development
  • Trottier Institute for Energy
  • Carabins Excellence in Sports Program
  • Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC)
  • Carrefour Ideos
  • Centre MosaiC
  • Centre for Demographic, Economic and Financial Challenges in Retirement
  • A science centre, open to the media and the public
  • Virtual library
  • Institute of Structured Products and Derivatives (IFSID)
  • HEC Montréal expansion and improvements




What is the meaning of the slogan “Talents with a Global Reach”?



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Campus Montréal’s strengths lie in the very fields – engineering, commerce, law, medicine, arts, and natural, human and social sciences – that will be needed to address the most complex challenges of today’s societies and those of tomorrow. The three institutions form a vibrant campus that is one of the few worldwide to encompass all disciplines. One of the world’s top universities, Campus Montréal:

  • is the largest campus in Quebec
  • has the second largest university student population in Canada
  • has the third largest research budget in Canada
  • has the highest proportion of doctoral students in Canada
  • has the most comprehensive health research centre in Canada, supporting all fields of specialization
  • has one of the third largest operations research centres in the world
  • has the largest international student body in Quebec
  • is one of the largest French-language university campuses in the world
  • is one of the few university campuses to offer every field of study needed to address the challenges and issues of the 21st century

The three institutions that make up Campus Montréal have played an important economic, social and cultural role in Quebec society for generations. A valuable part of our heritage, they have helped make Montreal one of the ten best university cities in the world.




What do Campus Montréal’s three institutions seek to accomplish with this campaign?



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Campus Montréal wants to promote networking among its universities, students, research professors and donors. In this respect, the fundraising campaign is a means and not an end in itself. The $500 million target is intended to have a strong leverage effect in creating new ties between the campus, the business community and their partners, here and abroad.