Michel Vinet family supports the Université de Montréal’s Faculty of Pharmacy

June 25, 2014

Michel Vinet (’72), a philanthropist at heart and loyal Faculty of Pharmacy alumnus, has contributed generously to numerous projects and funds since the beginning of his career. He is one of the nine founding members of the Dean’s Circle and served as Treasurer from 2001 to 2009. At a recognition event on June 17, the Faculty took the opportunity to thank the Vinet family for their extremely generous gift of $101,771. The money will go to support an experiential learning program – one of the Faculty’s five projects under the Campus Montréal umbrella – to prepare future leaders of the pharmacy profession. It includes internships, professional pharmacy practice laboratories, and service-learning courses. During the event, Mr. Vinet expressed his deep admiration for the Faculty’s teaching achievements and leadership, hence his passion for this particular project. A student also shared his very positive impressions of the Pharm. D. program and talked about the knowledge and skills he gained during his various internships that took him to the Gaspé Peninsula in his first year. Endowing the Michel Vinet Family Fund is the family’s way to make a lasting impact on the Faculty’s endeavours. Dean Pierre Moreau extended the Faculty’s sincere appreciation to the entire Vinet family.

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