Michel Saucier donates $1.5 M to the Faculty of Music as part of the Campus Montréal campaign

April 16, 2013

During a concert held on April 13 in Salle Claude-Champagne at Université de Montréal, the Faculty of Music announced it had received an exceptional donation, the largest in its history, as part of the major Campus Montréal joint fundraising campaign for HEC Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal and Université de Montréal.

Michel Saucier has donated $1.5 million, which will go towards creating the Fonds de bourses en violon Marcel-Saucier. The donor’s goal is to pay homage to his father, who, as a violinist and teacher, contributed to the growth and progress of a generation of musicians.

“Supporting the development of the most talented students of the violin at Université de Montréal’s Faculty of Music is a salute to my father for the values he passed on to me and my sister,” explained Dr. Saucier. “Through his music, talent and determination, he taught us to strive for excellence, and in my opinion, that is the true key to success.”

“This donation is particularly important to our Faculty, as it will enable us to considerably enhance our recruitment scholarships and the excellence of our violin students,” said Isabelle Panneton, Dean of the Faculty of Music. “It will also allow us to increase and diversify top level resources to support the training of violinists. I sincerely thank Michel Saucier for the generosity he has shown our Faculty.”

“The Faculty of Music has found its place in the major Campus Montréal joint fundraising campaign. This donation represents invaluable support for our objective to provide the Faculty with the means to recruit and develop the best talents, and our warmest thanks go to Dr. Saucier,” said Lucie Leclerc, Chair of the faculty financing office and President and CEO of BIP (Bureau d’Intervieweurs Professionnels inc.).

A pharmacy graduate, Michel Saucier earned a Bachelor’s degree (1964) and Master’s degree in pharmaceutical chemistry (1966) before going on to earn his PhD (1970) at Université de Montréal. More than 40 years after receiving his degree, Dr. Saucier continues to show his deep attachment to his alma mater as a lecturer, patron (he and his wife are among the most generous donors in the history of UdeM) and music lover, as he regularly attends concerts given by students at the Faculty of Music.

The Faculty is proud to recognize the contribution made by Marcel Saucier as a performer and teacher and to be associated with the creation of the Fonds de bourses en violon Marcel-Saucier to support the development of future generations of violinists.

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