Historic $2 M donation to the Faculty of Environmental Design

October 7, 2016

MONTREAL, October 7, 2016 – Yesterday, the Faculty of Environmental Design at Université de Montréal extended a warm welcome to Bruno Fayolle, President and CEO of Fayolle Canada, who, on behalf of his company, made a historic $2 million donation to the Faculty as part of the major Campus Montréal campaign. The donation will go towards the creation of the Fayolle-Magil Construction Research Chair in Architecture, Building and Sustainability (Chaire de recherche Fayolle-Magil Construction en architecture, bâtiment et durabilité).

“I am extremely happy and proud, in creating this chair, to participate in the advancement of the UdeM Faculty of Environmental Design. I view the chair as an opportunity to combine the expertise of builders in civil engineering and construction with an institution that promotes architectural originality and innovation in the art of construction,” stated Mr. Fayolle.

“On the eve of the Faculty of Environmental Design’s 50th anniversary, this exceptional donation, the largest in the Faculty’s history, will allow for the creation of a philanthropic chair that will ensure ongoing research in a cutting-edge domain of the future. As such, it will contribute greatly to a built environment that is resilient, efficient and environmentally responsible,” affirmed Paul Lewis, Dean of the Faculty.

According to Jacques Lachapelle, Director of the School of Architecture, “The new issues facing our discipline and society as a whole demand that we search for innovative solutions for buildings and develop renewed expertise in the architecture and construction sectors. This chair will enable us to conduct forward-looking research that is closely linked with the professional community and industry and that dovetails perfectly with the philosophy of the Government of Quebec’s action plan, Le Québec en action vert 2020.”

“The new chair will reinforce the leadership and excellence of the Faculty of Environmental Design. The prospects are exciting; there is so much to do, discover, invent and develop, architecture being at the crossroads of multiple challenges ahead,” added Raymond Lalande, Vice-Rector, Alumni, Partnership and Philanthropic Relations.

About the Fayolle-Magil Construction Research Chair in Architecture, Building and Sustainability

The chair will focus on the quality of architectural design and the use of innovative technologies in creating a resilient, efficient and environmentally responsible built environment. To this end, the research will take an integrated, global approach, with consideration given to a range of issues that will impact the future of the construction sector, be they economic, bioclimatic or societal. With building science at its core, the work done by the chair will aim to define, analyze and assess best practices in sustainable architecture. Open to many different stakeholders in the construction domain, the chair will build networks among the scientific, academic, professional, governmental and industry sectors on both a national and international scale. Drawing on the respected reputation of Fayolle-Magil Construction, it will help raise the profile of the Faculty of Environmental Design’s School of Architecture at Université de Montréal.



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