Anonymous donation of $1.5 M enables the creation of a chair in philosophy

September 8, 2014

An anonymous donor has given $1.5 M to Université de Montréal. In the social sciences, a donation of this size is quite exceptional.

In keeping with the donor’s request, the money will go towards the study and research of philosophy through a chair named for Ancient Greek fabulist Aesop.

The chair will constitute a “new space for philosophical study and reflection in Quebec,” dedicated most notably to the application of this field of knowledge to present day issues. For example, in the coming months it will focus on the many definitions of biodiversity in public, scientific and political discourse in order to better understand what these definitions include and exclude.

The first holder of the chair will be Frédéric Bouchard, a philosopher in science, professor in the Department of Philosophy and the new president of the Canadian Philosophical Association.

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