Donate to change things

Donate to attract and develop outstanding individuals with the potential and ambition to make a difference.  For Montreal. For the world.

The world is developing a global consciousness, a vision that Campus Montréal embraces. Increasingly, education and research programs directed by world-class teacher-researchers give students in different disciplines the opportunity to focus on global issues while exposing them to other cultures. Your gift to Campus Montréal has the power to create positive change on a broader scale.

The world’s leading education and research centres need top-notch equipment and facilities that must be continually maintained and developed to offer students and researchers a cutting-edge environment that meets the demands of their work.

It is imperative to keep abreast of the latest developments in every discipline, to relentlessly expand the boundaries of knowledge, and to support research that may sometimes take decades to yield results. Donations provide the flexibility and resources we need to undertake ground-breaking research.

Too often, gifted but financially strapped students are deprived of outstanding learning opportunities, such as participating in an international exchange or pursuing graduate studies. Donating to Campus Montréal’s scholarship funds will help these students fulfill their dreams and achieve their ambitions. Philanthropic gifts allow us to support and nurture emerging talent.

Campus Montréal has selected five areas of excellence that focus on initiatives and projects directly tied to teaching, research and academic services. The five areas are (1) health and personalized medicine, (2) advanced science and technology, (3) energy and sustainable development, (4) internationalization and pluralism, and (5) creativity and entrepreneurship.

Campus Montréal aims to be a catalyst for change and progress, not only for the academic community but also for society as a whole. Our vision is to propel Quebec’s foremost university complex into the future so that it plays a full and active leadership role in the academic, cultural and scientific communities and enjoys international recognition.

Our donors have spent their lives building their career, their business, their organization and their professional associations. They are dedicated to and appreciated by their families, their communities and their networking groups. Campus Montréal wants to attract and develop talented individuals who, like our donors, have the potential to make a difference. Together, they are vital to the future of Montréal, our country, and our planet.