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IVADO Making Montreal the Canadian Capital of Big Data

March 14, 2016, 2:27pm

When we launched Campus Montréal a few years back, our goal was to kick-start a major movement linking the business community and our universities. We can get a good idea of how much the movement has been energized by the progress we’ve made in our fundraising campaign. I know I’ve certainly been on the move in countless meetings with the kind of talented people that make a difference to our cause – supercharged students, researchers, donors, partners, experts, and professionals from all sectors. The more Campus Montréal moves up the ladder, the more my role becomes a natural extension, the leitmotif of my journey: continuing to generate the civic engagement that brings decision makers from many different backgrounds to work together for a better world.

The experts I meet on campus and in the business community are forever telling me how they must deal with a world that is changing at an ever faster pace while growing increasingly complex. They’re not just imagining this. The fact is we all must cope with a mounting flood of information to stay ahead of the game if we are to enjoy any success on the global stage.

Today, we humans produce as much data every two days as our ancestors did from the beginning of time to the year 2000. In this era of Big Data, success smiles on organizations that know how to use this vast stream of information in their thinking, improve the way they use their resources, and make the right decisions at just the right time.

So with good reason, Campus Montréal has decided to focus on a flagship project, the Institute for Data Valorisation (IVADO), as part of our campaign. IVADO is a totally transversal project providing benefits essential to the advancement of science and engineering in every field.

IVADO will give Canada great competitive advantages and position Montreal as the nerve-centre for Big Data valorisation: expert opinions from all disciplines converging on one world-class campus; unparalleled operational research, data science and artificial intelligence depth; two international languages, instead of just one, to nurture Canadian training, research, and innovation in the international market.

Collaborate, analyse, decide, resolve, learn and improve – that’s the basis of the production value chain in a knowledge economy. “Resourcefulness,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when he recently spoke about Canadian qualities. This is what I see happening in Montreal. Professors Yoshua Bengio and Andrea Lodi, their colleagues, students, and partners working side by side with organizations and businesses. Building an innovation ecosystem fueled by data. An ecosystem open to the world through a gateway called IVADO.

To give IVADO your support, please visit the project page.

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