Energy: A future powered through awareness and research


Our energy challenges are far from over. Philanthropists like Lorne M. Trottier and researchers like Pierre-Olivier Pineau, along with partners at the Chair in Energy Sector Management at HEC Montréal, have the vision and courage to analyze every aspect of energy issues to tackle them head on. 

“We all know that climate change is a big problem. We need to find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” says Lorne M. Trottier, who ardently supports scientific research that has benefits for the community.

Thanks to the exceptional and visionary gift from the Trottier Family Foundation, the Institut de l’énergie Trottier was created. Its mission: to train the next generation of engineers, scientists and innovators who have systemic knowledge of the technological, economic and social issues surrounding energy.

The research team of the Chair in Energy Sector Management at HEC Montréal addresses the economics and management of energy issues. The team’s research, training and collaborations let them examine the role of diverse energy sources along with their complementarity and evolution. These researchers also measure the role of governments, companies and the public in the economic regulation and legislation of energy systems.

Projects such as the Institut de l’énergie Trottier and the Chair in Energy Sector Management at HEC Montréal let us tackle this complex and vitally important issue.


  • Provide education and information so that the public better understands these issues.
  • Enhance social debates around energy issues.
  • Help find sustainable solutions that will assure the energy future of Quebec, Canada and the planet.
  • Improve knowledge and foster innovation so that solutions are developed from the standpoints of sustainable development, optimization, and an alignment between energy sources and society’s needs.
  • Support education and research to train energy experts whose talents will be put to use planet-wide.

Philanthropy-powered solutions

Philanthropy is an important way for society to have well-founded, clear-headed and, above all, neutral discussions about energy. This reflection must be done by independent academics who have no vested interests. Gifts such as the $10-million donation from the Trottier Family Foundation go toward energy solutions without influencing the debate.
Researchers with the Chair in Energy Sector Management at HEC Montréal can count on the support of many partners to help their mission to advance knowledge. A consortium of partners who make equal financial contributions ensure that the Chair’s team can work independently and objectively.

Projects that result in concrete tools

According to Lorne M. Trottier, we have to work on every aspect of the problem to find 360° solutions to the world’s energy problems.

“The public wants to be part of the debate and have a hand in public and political decision-making. This means people need to be educated and informed,” says Nathalie De Marcellis-Warin, a professor at Polytechnique Montréal, and President and CEO and Vice-President of Risk and Sustainable Development at CIRANO. “The Institut Trottier was created not only to support energy-related research and respond to the challenges of climate change but also to raise public awareness,” explains Nathalie De Marcellis-Warin, who is also an associate professor at the Institut de l’énergie Trottier.

Energy models envision the future

“The institute can create predictive models that indicate which measures will be more effective at reducing greenhouse gases. This is beneficial for Quebec and all of Canada,” concludes Lorne M. Trottier.

Campus Montréal is developing sustainable solutions that will have a positive impact on the planet. To implement these solutions, research is crucial, and donors let our researchers attack these problems in a neutral and objective way.

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