The Carabins: All-around students who inspire excellence


By giving their best to both athletics and academics, the Carabins are role models for the entire community. They represent the values of commitment, belonging, performance and achievement that the university stands for. By actively investing in society, they are people who youth and the whole community can look up to.

“The Carabins’ presence in society is extremely important, because it provides a very inspiring role model of young men and women who give it their all in their sport while succeeding in advanced education,” explains Robert Panet-Raymond, a philanthropist, former Carabins football player, and graduate of civil engineering from Polytechnique Montréal.

The Carabins Excellence in Sports Program supports 500 student athletes at HEC Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal, and Université de Montréal who play on 23 teams in 13 different sports. Including the coaching staff, the Carabins represent the largest French-language university sports program in North America.


  • Inspire and act as role models for young people.
  • Contribute to a better future for young people, the university community, and Quebec society.
  • Generate opportunities to connect the university community with the rest of society.
  • Help students develop leadership qualities such as discipline, focus, perseverance, strength of character, and team spirit.
  • Create a driven and skilled generation of outstanding young leaders.

Essential philanthropic support

Support for the Carabins Excellence in Sports Program is an incredible way to help the program achieve its ambitious goals. “Generous donors allow us to buy equipment and special tools to help students reach their full potential,” says Robert Panet-Raymond. With his contribution of $750,000, Mr. Panet-Raymond became the largest individual donor in the history of North American French-language university sports. 
Guy Fréchette, an HEC Montréal graduate, company director, Ernst & Young retiree, and ardent Carabins fan, is another donor who made individual philanthropic history with a $500,000 gift to the program in 2013. The Molson family and the Molson Coors Brewing Company also gave a generous donation of $2 million

All of these donations help improve services for student athletes.

Values that benefit all of society

The program plays a key role in training a new generation of driven and skilled leaders. Carabins athletes are trained to rise to any challenge and go above and beyond the call of duty—all while maintaining their academic standing.

“Elite sports are a way to learn many important values, such as providing mutual support, working as a team, and being there for your team mates both on and off the field,” says Sarah Gosselin, a master's student at HEC Montréal and a member of the Carabins volleyball team.

Hiring someone from the Carabins program is a big win for business, as the strength of character, leadership, organizational skills, and team spirit that these students develop can help boost a company’s bottom line.

The Carabins are also role models for thousands of young Quebeckers who play sports.

“The Carabins invest in young people,” adds Sarah Gosselin. “That’s how they give back. Top-level sports are important for society because they show we can all have dreams and aspirations and that we can set goals and achieve them.”

The future looks bright

“Through sports, young people develop skills that complement their academic careers. This creates citizens with the potential to make a huge difference in the job market and in the world,” explains Manon Simard, Director of the Université de Montréal’s athletics program. “The values they develop let them stand out and help society advance. This makes them role models of success and perseverance for everyone.”

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