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Champions forever!

December 4, 2015, 3:23pm

Last year, swept up in the enthusiasm of the Vanier Cup victory, I applauded the dedication of the coaches, players and sponsors of the Excellence in Sports Program and the CEPSUM’s management for the excellent teamwork of the Carabins. A year later, despite a heartbreaking loss to the UBC Thunderbirds, I still applaud the Carabins as champions.

To be sure, our team won two championships – the Mitchell Bowl and Utech Bowl – and the Carabins stand strong as Québec’s number 1 team. These victories on the field must not be allowed to cloud our understanding of what sports excellence means. The successful pursuit of university studies and the life lessons learned through sports demonstrate the importance and the very essence of our program. Head coach Maciocia never fails to remind his players what it means to always give their best and never lose sight of their goals. The season which has just ended serves as an eloquent illustration of the real strength of the Bleus’ character. Seen in this light, the 2015 Carabins remain true champions.

The Excellence in Sports Program makes a difference. Besides generous donations from Mr. Guy Fréchette, Mr. Robert Dutton and Mr. Robert Panet-Raymond, The Molson Foundation stepped up to support the program this year. These benevolent benefactors also make a real difference! During a conversation with my friend Danny Maciocia after last Saturday’s game, Danny expressed to me that “making a difference” in our athletes’ lives was his greatest victory. This is the victory that persists long after championships are played and won, and he’s right! The team’s organization and sponsors all know that our athletes will leave us one day to pursue their careers and realize their dreams. But they will always be Carabins. And always champions!

Bravo Carabins! To offer your continued support and encouragement for the Excellence in Sports Program, please contribute through the Campus Montréal website. It’s another great way to say “Go Bleus” and perpetuate the fabulous legend of the Carabins!

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