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A Last Look at Summer as We Head into Fall

September 29, 2015, 11:00am

Whether we like it or not, summer is coming to an end and fall is about to begin. Students are back in class and the campus is already buzzing. While life at the university gets a kick-start with the back-to-school season, our flagship projects forged ahead all summer long. Still steadfast in their belief that knowledge is the key to our transitioning economy and that universities have an important role to play in the process, our talented members haven’t slowed the pace of their community involvement. Their vision for the future hasn’t changed and they still firmly believe in the need to promote knowledge-sharing with future generations as a means of ensuring social progress. This explains the motivation behind various summer initiatives, including two day camps—École Carabins at the CEPSUM and Folie Technique at Polytechnique Montréal—as well as some community projects at the Outremont Site.

École Carabins day camp: Training future Carabins!

Once again this year, the CEPSUM brought smiles to a lot of faces with the École Carabins day camp. Beyond getting kids moving, this summer camp aims to help children and teens discover new sport hobbies and develop new skills. The Carabins Excellence in Sports Program is involved in community activities and helps prepare the next generation of Carabins. Program members are without a doubt a tremendous inspiration for children and youth. The young cheerleaders who attended the summer camp were very proud to take part in the Carabin’s football season kick-off event.

Folie Technique day camp: Shaping tomorrow’s engineers!

In a totally different field—purely scientific this time—the Folie Technique day camp was a great way for kids to get better acquainted with science and engineering. A Polytechnique Montréal student initiative, this camp gives children the opportunity to explore the world of science, math, engineering and technology through various creative, interactive and kid-friendly activities.

This is another great example of a project made possible in part by philanthropic donations. Folie Technique is backed by the White Rose initiative, which is dedicated to promoting activities that are positive and hold promise for the future in commemoration of the tragic event that occurred at Polytechnique in December 1989.

Community projects at the Outremont Site

Work continued to convert the former Outremont railyard into the future Science and Engineering Complex. This project will give new purpose to a site that’s been sitting unused right in the centre of the city.  As the work began on site, several “community projects” were organized to bring life to the massive site as we await the official inauguration in the coming year.  The goal is to incite neighbouring communities to visit the site and make the most of it.

As we bid farewell to summer, students and the whole community are looking forward to a new season filled with opportunities to learn and progress, as individuals and as a society. Happy fall, everyone!

Photo caption: The young Carabins Cheerleaders showed great talent during the pre-season match August 24, 2015.

Photo credit: James Hajjar

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